Good Hands for Global dreams of making a world that everyone can live happily in.

Good Hands for Global is a nonprofit organization founded in 2003 by former President Venerable Weol-ju of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. He aspired to live with poor and marginalized people around the world, practicing universal philanthropy and love of humanity that transcends religion, nationalism, and ideologies so that everyone can realize “You, I, and the World Are One.”

The work we loves

For the last seventeen years, the organization has been trying to protect the lives of our neighbors in the global community by providing various assistance to eighteen countries in Asia, Africa, and Central and South America. Presently, we operate in six countries that include Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia, Kenya, and Myanmar. We take a leading role as an NGO in international development and undertake projects that can make a difference in the daily lives of individuals that stretch from supplying safe drinking water and providing education to working on broader projects such as regional advancement.

Supplying safe drinking water

Drinking water is needed by everyone and access 
to such water is within the natural right of everyone.

Providing education

The hopes and dreams of children.

Regional advancement

Independence is a new beginning 

of the future.

Relief Aids

Practice Sharing for Our Neighbors 

in Emergencies

Good Hands for Global 

The hands of mercy towards the world!

We offer our assistance to our neighbors in the global community who are prone to waterborne diseases. We install and maintain drinking water facilities so that they can have constant access to clean and safe water. Furthermore, for children who are deprived of the right to study due to poverty and poor education facilities, we provide pleasant learning environments and programs. As for the general safety and living environment of the local people, we not only run projects to clear landmines, but also manage social enterprises to increase their income level and help them achieve financial independence. Moreover, as part of our go green project, we run farms as well as provide applicable education to go with it so that they can realize ultimate independence



Education is a ticket out of the vicious cycle of generational poverty that gets passed down and hampers the hopes and dreams of children. Good Hands for Global offers opportunities to quality education by improving inadequate learning environment and installing suitable facilities and support programs that can foster significant changes to children’s future by building basic regional infrastructure. 

Accumulative     79 projects

Benefactors        200,000 people

Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia, Kenya, Myanmar, and Nepal

Drinking water

Drinking water is needed by everyone and access to such water is within the natural right of everyone. Good Hands for Global is opening new possibilities that didn’t exist before by improving local people’s environment with a stable supply of clean and safe drinking water through the installment of drinking water facilities and continuous monitoring.

Accumulative    2,545th

Benefactors       370,000 people

Cambodia, Mongolia, Kenya, Myanmar, and Nepal

Regional Development

Independence is a new beginning of the future, and it is the driving force behind life that allows oneself to freely choose one’s own course. Good Hands for Global aims to provide assistance by constructing socio-cultural foundations for the local people by expanding their income level and laying a foundation for their independence through creating social enterprises, managing farms, and building basic infrastructure.

Accumulative    64 sites 

Benefactors       40,000 people

Cambodia, Mongolia, Kenya, and Nepal

Other work
& advantages

Domestic Projects 

Compassionate Hands Embracing Our Marginalized Neighbors

Good Hands for Global has also a wide array of programs domestically. For aging singles and vulnerable groups who are in blind spots, we run various services addressing their needs and have programs to offer emotional well-being by organizing social gatherings for outdoor activities.

Relief Aids

Practice Sharing for Our Neighbors in Emergencies

We offer emergency relief funds and humanitarian aids to save the lives of neighbors who have suffered damage and help them cope with their pain in cases of unpredictable disasters and emergencies, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, wars, or climate changes domestically as well as internationally.

Child Sponsorship

Our goal is to not only help with financial sponsorship, but we also aim to help children finish their primary education and to provide support so that they can foster their dreams in school. Additionally, we encourage children to participate in small activities that contribute to local communities so that they can grow up to be healthy members of society with sound values who will one day reciprocate the kindness they have been shown.

Sponsorship Programs

Regular Patronage: pledge support for all the activities of Good Hands for Global

Domestic Patronage: pledge support for integrated projects of education, drinking water, and regional development

Child Sponsorship: pledge support for children’s healthy growth and independence

Relief Aids: pledge support to secure lives and safety in emergencies


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